Security chief: Know what to do in case of an active shooter

Oct 28, 2017

PANTHER 2017 fall active shooter logo
Claflin students should be proactive in knowing what to do in a campus emergency such as the presence of an active shooter, the university director of public safety said.

Steve Pearson said the numerous mass shooting across the United States prompted him to send emails to all on campus about surviving an active shooting event.

“These shootings have become a trend,” Pearson said.

Claflin has a Panther Alert that can be sent through email and/or text message to notify people about an active shooter/suspicious person and bad weather. Pearson said it is important that everyone know the procedures in case of an emergency.

“Things can happen anywhere," he said.

 An emergency siren will go off this week as a drill, allowing everyone to hear the alert for an active shooter event. The drill will be performed twice a year, once each semester.

“Treat it as being the real thing because you’ll never know when it’s not real," Pearson said.

A fatal shooting incident occurred at neighboring S.C. State in January 2014.

Claflin security offers the following tips in the event of an active shooter: be aware, run if you can, hide if you can’t run and fight if you have no other choice.

 “It’s like being at the movie theater," Pearson said. "Pay attention to the exits so you will know how to get out in a crisis.”

The additional general tips Pearson provided are:

•             Read and be aware of your student handbook to know rules and regulations.

•             Be aware of your surroundings.

•             Get familiar with safety measures at residence halls and buildings.

•             Don’t go to or near dark places at night.

“A person may not plan to commit a crime, but if an opportunity is there, they will take advantage of it," Pearson said.

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